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We believe that the supportive partnership between parents and our school is crucial to the success of our vision and misson

Our Vision

We provide our children with Montessori based experiences to build a foundation for on-going learning in the primary school and beyond.

Our Objective

  • To provide quality Montessori childcare and early childhood education.

  • To nurture children to become happy, balanced, intelligent, self-reliant individuals.

  • To help each child develop individually into a stable, happy, intelligent & indipendent adult.

Our Mission

    Taska Idaman strives to:

  1. Prepare the child to meet the numeracy, literacy and oracy requirements of early primary school.

  2. Provide a learning environment that enriches the child's social, physical and cognitive abilities.

  3. Encourage an enquiring mind, creative thinking and interactive learning.

  4. Mould the child to be a responsible member of the family, school and society

Principal's short message

It is paramount to not only teach our children to excel in their studies but also to succeed in life. Our teachers are well trained and passionate in providing continuous support and guidance to nurture the overall development of your child.

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