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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Question by New Parents


Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No your child does not need to be toilet trained. When your child is ready and the time is right we will work closely to train the individual.


Should i keep my chid at home if he or she is sick?

Yes. You should keep your child at home when he or she is sick as some sickness might be contageous.


What happens if my child falls sick or has an accident in school?

There will be appropriate first aid treatment and parents will be notified.


Is snack and lunch provided in school?

Yes snack and lunch is provided in school. However if you would like to bring your own food it will have to be HALAL


Can my child bring non halal food to school?

NO We STRICKLY do not allow non-halal food.


When is the registration period where I can register my child?

Registration can be done from Mondays to Saturdays throughout the year for the toddler class. As for the nursery, kindergarten and pre primary classes, you can only register your child during the registration period near the end of the year. Contact our office for more information..


Is my child required to bring an extra pair of clothes?

For the full day programme, your child will have to take a shower. All toiletries are provided except for clothing, towel and soap. Each child is required to bring his or her own. 


Is my child required to shower in school ?

For the full day programme, your child will have to take a shower. All toiletries are provided except for clothing, towel and soap. Each child is required to bring his or her own.

Yes. we have school buses to cater to parents who have no means to send or fetch their child from school.


Is my child required to sleep in the school ?

If your child is in the day care programme, he or she will take a short nap between 1.45 to 3.45 pm and each child is allowed to bring their pillow, boaster and blankets. However if a child request not to sleep, he or she will be given quiet activities to work on during this period of time.


Does the school provide class photo?

Each year, the school will engage professional photographers to take class photos. For graduating classes, students will get their photos taken individually in their mortar top.


Can my child bring his or her toys to school?


I can't send or fetch my child from school. Is there any transportation?

Yes. However, no violent toys or phones are allowed ( guns, swords, phone....etc). A "bring your toys day" is designated once a week for your child to bring his or her toys to school and share it with friends


What's the coverage area of the school bus?

The school bus covers all areas under seri kambangan. For full details and bus route you can contact the school.


Is the school a safe place from dangerous people?

The School is equipped with many CCTVs both inside and outside. It records 24 hours daily. In addition, the school's front door is locked with magnetic door locks!


Is it possible to visit the classrooms and school to check on my child's progress.

Yes but prior appointment must be made with the school.


A parent teachers meeting day is held twice a year to update parents on the childs progress in school.


How old does my child have to be to enrol?

Taska Idaman accepts children from 2 years onwards.


Does my child have to be immunise? (Injection)

For the child's safety, yes! An immunisation form must be presented on the day of registration.

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Will my child be well prepared Bahasa Malaysia?

Bahasa Malaysia is tought to the 5 and 6 years old using our easy and fun method of teaching by a very experienced malay teacher. Your child will exude confidence when tackling this subject in primary school


.What are your school hours?

a) Half Day Programme : Monday to Friday

8.45 a.m. – 1.15 p.m.


b) Full Day Programme : Monday to Friday

8.45 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.


What is the children teacher ratio?

Our Children teacher ratio varies according to the age group. More teachers are dispatched to assist the younger children!

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what are the subjects provided in your school?

English is the main subject in school but maths, science, bahasa malaysia and chinese are also taught to the 5 and 6 years old classes

How long have the schools been in operation?

Taska Idaman has been in operation since the year 2000

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